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Indonesia furniture handicraft wholesale marketplace.First, teak stump and Longan, by the people only used as firewood or charcoal. Now, the root timber's hundreds of years old, became the craft materials that have high economic value. Indeed, turning waste into valuable materials, not everyone can afford. Are Drs HM Arwan,
Pare Village residents, the Village Blondo, Mungkid District, Magelang District. Which pioneered the business since 1998, now bearing fruit. Because waste wood craft, has fulfilled the export markets, namely the United States, Japan, England, Holland, Australia, Saudi Arabia, Kuwait, Malaysia, and Korea.Indonesia furniture handicraft wholesale marketplace

Dozens of workers every day to make handicrafts / crafts from wood waste, such as dining tables, bird-shaped room divider, window gardens, Buddhist sculpture, furniture, forest people, and all kinds of animals. Among others, tigers, elephants, snakes to monkeys there.

Indonesia furniture handicraft wholesale marketplace''To make a wooden craft waste / This wooden handicrafts, take two weeks to four months, depending on the form of handicrafts are made,''he said.

Price handicrafts on offer, ranging from Rp 250,000 to Rp 35 million. All depends craft. The older roots, the better the outcome, including the price quite high.
Wood crafts wooden export roots, requires high precision and artistic creativity , because not.

Creativity is produced, after the economic crisis in 1998. Because the economic crisis at that time, forcing someone to rack one's brains in order to produce something, and the result like this.

"If no crisis, no idea things like this," said Drs HM Arwan to Insight, yesterday.

In early 1998, still a lot of root timber for hundreds of years old. But now, quite difficult to find basic ingredients wooden handicrafts. Waste wood, like teak root, purchased from Bojonegoro, Ngawi and Tuban, East Java.Indonesia furniture handicraft wholesale marketplace

Quite a lot
While the roots (stump) and Longan mahogany, obtained from the Waterford and Magelang.

Longan raw materials, are still quite a lot, especially from Magelang, Waterford, Semarang regency, and others. Except for teak roots start trouble, because the wood in Java have started to decrease, particularly forest wood hundreds of years old.

Before chiseled or carved, wooden roots left in the open space prior to rain and heat. When dried by the rain and the heat is not broke, meaning the quality of really good wood. Conversely, if it breaks, it means that the wood quality is bad.

To create a handicraft export, only one time worked (created). If not careful in doing their craft, automatically wastes can not be used for crafts.

Tunggak''wood can not be modified, especially for patchwork,''he explaineda Indonesia furniture handicraft wholesale marketplace