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Awareness to action
According to Tomme Beevas, director of Community Involvement for Corporate Affairs, the high level of employee engagement in efforts promoting environmental stewardship is evidence of how Earth Day has evolved and grown at karung goni “The first two years of Earth Day were focused on increasing the environmental awareness and passion of our employees. Now, our goal is to determine how best to harness that passion and turn simple awareness into strategic action,” said Tomme.
wholesalemarketusedstationaryplacebike The heart of the program was identifying 30 promising fourth-grade children from among the poorest families in the province to attend one of the FHM schools. These children were chosen from several thousand families that were relocated for a light rail project.
Since they began working with the FHM organization in 2006, the progress of the first Cargill-sponsored class of fourth graders has been amazingly rapid. Test scores are up, and the attitude of the students has changed.
"Within three weeks of starting class, the children showed a marked improvement in their English conversation skills," said Lani Gomez, director of human resources for Cargill Philippines. "And there was an observable change in behavior. Students stopped being shy and timid in answering questions and began eagerly participating in activities."wholesalemarketusedstationaryplacebikes
The FHM school enrolls the children for three years-grades four, five, and six. FHM students also participate in summer wholesalemarketusedstationaryplacebikesacademic and leadership development programs.
The program provides the students with full scholarships, including health care and medical benefits. They also receive free breakfast and lunch, as well as uniforms, books and other school materials. The students' parents are directly involved in helping out; rotating through chores such as preparing meals, cleaning classrooms and helping transport the students to and from the school.
Although the primary grant for the program came from the corporate Cargill Cares program, both CAN Philippines and their employees have been directly involved in raising funds and supporting the FHM schools. CAN wholesalemarketusedstationaryplacebikes employees raised money to purchase 10 CD players used to help with lessons. They also sponsored trips to visit a private school, a college, a history museum, a water park and one of the CAN facilities.
When the first FHM class graduated to the fifth grade, many CAN employees attended the graduation ceremony. Now, a new group of fourth graders has begun the program. The initial grant from Cargill will support the program for three years.
One child's mother described the experience like this: "All parents wholesalemarketusedstationaryplacebikes want their children to have a better life," she said. "Only a good education will give our children a future with better opportunities. Thank you for paving the way."wholesalemarketusedstationaryplacebikes